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Opening Night Film

My Wonderful Wanda

Don’t be misled by its title: Bettina Oberli’s satire is many things—intelligent, funny, caustic, beautifully directed and very cleverly structured, to name a few—but sugary sweet isn’t on...
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Closing Night Film

What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?

Funny, remarkably inventive, and romantic as hell—not just about romance itself, but about everything from youth, football, dogs, and ice cream to the Georgian town of Kutaisi and Cinema-with-a-capital-C—Alex...
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Buenos Aires, 1980, at the height of the military dictatorship: Yvan De Wiel (Fabrizio Rongione), a private banker from Geneva, and his wife, Ines (Stéphanie Cléau), have arrived to in...
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Bad Tales

Winner of the Best Screenplay Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2020, the D’Innocenzo brothers’ sophomore feature is a stylized, dark, and confrontational portrayal of frustrated family life...
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Bebia, a mon seul désir

Following the death of her grandmother (her ‘Bebia’), 17-year-old Ariadna (Anastasia Davidson) returns to Georgia. According to local tradition, she—as the youngest member of the family—is responsible for reunitin...
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The Book of Delights

The reputation of Clarice Lispector, one of Brazil’s most fêted writers, has skyrocketed in the last ten years, and now director and co-writer Marcela Lordy has made a fil...
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Brother's Keeper

Winner of the International Critics prize in the Panorama section at this year’s Berlin festival, Ferit Karahan’s drama is set at a harsh boarding school for Kurdish boys loca...
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A suburb of Belgrade, 1993: frustrated wife and mother Marijana (Dubravka Duda Kovjanić) arranges her eight-year-old daughter’s birthday party while her equally disaffected husband (listed only as ‘Dad’ in the credits...
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Against the vast fields of soy in Brazil’s Mato Grosso region, where ostrich-like rheas roam at will, a trans woman named Madalena—whom we never see—has been murdered. Luzian...
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Moon, 66 Questions

At heart, this is a visually daring and beautifully acted story of rapprochement. After a long time away, disaffected twenty-something daughter Artemis (Sofia Kokkali, a star in the making) returns ...
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Moving On

The spirit of Ozu and the observant eye of Kore-eda come to mind while watching young writer-director Yoon Dan-bi’s moving, funny, and just plain terrific debut. When their divorced fa...
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No Choice

Three woman—the homeless Golbahar (Pardis Ahmadieh), the relentless human-rights lawyer Sara Nedayi (Negar Javaherian), and the veteran gynaecologist Dr Pandar (Fatemeh Motamed-Arya)—are at the centre of Reza Dormishian’s gut-...
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No Rest for the Old Lady

The ‘old lady’ of the title is the recently deceased Smaranda, wife of the self-sufficient Emil (Mircea Andreescu), and confidante (and more?) to Emil’s best friend and neighbour, the wheelc...
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Winner of the Tiger Award at this year’s IFFR, P.S. Vinothraj’s visceral father-son drama (remarkably, it’s his debut feature) does what pure cinema is supposed to do: it...
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The Siamese Bond

Mothers and daughters and the often-fraught ties that bind serve as the subject of Paula Hernández’s expressive drama. Forty-something Stella (Valeria Lois), single and searching, lives with her ail...
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Bassant Ahmed and Basmala Elghaiesh, both non-professionals acting in their first movie, shared the Best Actress prize at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival for their roles as sisters in th...
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A Voluntary Year

Often compared to Toni Erdmann (made by co-director Ulrich Köhler’s partner, Maren Ade) for its sardonic depiction of a father-daughter relationship, Köhler and co-director Henner Winckler’s film i...
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