17 OCTOBER – 22 OCTOBER 2022

As Tilburg continues to revitalise its city centre and enhance its cultural footprint, the idea of starting an international film festival—small at first but with big hopes for the future—seemed like a natural fit. And what better place for this festival to take place than Cinecitta, the central art-film complex and cultural meeting place that has become, since its lavish refurbishment and re-opening in 2014, the haven for cinephiles of all ages and stripes in and around Tilburg? So, with these two thoughts in mind, we held the first edition of the 013 Cinecitta International Film Festival, with support from the City of Tilburg, in 2019 and are very pleased to say that the second edition takes place 17 October through Sunday, 22 October 2023. Expect quality films, a friendly atmosphere, invited guests, and a celebration of the best that cinema can be!


Simply put, ‘013’ (Tilburg’s area code) is the affectionate nickname for the city; mention ‘013’ to anyone in the country and they immediately think of Tilburg. As for ‘Cinecitta’: when the cinema, which has been a venue for movies since 1916, became a rep house in 1983, the owners wanted to pay homage to the legendary Italian production studio of the same name and convey the art-house atmosphere associated with it.   


Although hard numbers are impossible to determine, worldwide film production yields more than 7,000 feature films each year, many of which are showcased at nearly 5,000 annual film festivals. So, why did we start another festival last year? Because so many of those 7,000 films seem to fall through the cracks and vanish mere moments after premiering. Of course, many of them deserve to vanish, but the fact is there are so very many excellent works that are either undeservedly consigned to the trash heap of history or deserving of further exposure. We will screen 17 fiction features from different countries, all of which we will be entertaining, thoughtful, and high-quality examples of the seventh art. These are films hat more than merit many chances to entertain and enlighten audiences. When you see them, we are convinced you’ll agree.