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Films from the 2019 edition

2020 program available and tickets on sale: 21 September!

All festival films are eligible for the Audience Award for Most Popular Film. Please vote!

Opening Night Film

Willy the 1st

Winner of the Prix d’Ornano for Best French Debut as judged by foreign film journalists in France, Ludovic Boukherma, Zo...
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Closing Night Film

Hands of a Mother

Winner of the Young German Cinema Award for Best Director as well as the Best Actor prize (for lead Andreas ...
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Subtle, funny, unpretentious, and completely charming, Florencia Percia’s debut is a warm comedy that starts from a basic premise an...
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Clean Up

Given its depth of feeling and precise visual style, it’s astounding to learn that Kwon Man-ki’s debut drama, Clea...
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The Dragon Defense

First-time director Natalia Santa’s droll drama about three middle-aged men whose friendship centres on chess manages to draw trenchant pa...
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Probably the best Canadian film of 2018, Philippe Lesage’s audacious, double-focused coming-of-age drama follows the differing trajectories of Salinger-reading 16-year-old Gu...
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Holy Air

Writer-director-star Shady Srour’s alternately funny and compassionate satire tackles a subject you rarely see onscreen—the lives of modern Arab...
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The Line

Winner of the Best Director award at the 2017 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Peter Bebjak’s thriller is all about cr...
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India’s submission for the Best Foreign-Language Film Academy Award in 2017, Amit V. Masurkar’s darkly comic political satire centres on N...
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Sicilian Ghost Story

When the hypnotic Sicilian Ghost Story opened the Critics’ Week at Cannes in 2017, it received a thunderous ten-minute standing ovation, and...
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That Trip We Took With Dad

Set amidst the turbulent events of 1968 in Eastern Europe—the crushing of the Prague Spring by the Russian Army, the co...
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‘It is total anarchy. If you get used to it, you’ll survive.’ So says the eccentric Vova (a deadpan Viktor...
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Winter Flies

Two mismatched boys in a stolen Audi wend their way clear across the Czech Republic in Olmo Omerzu’s road mo...
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